Was Cruising, Am Cruising

When I was little, we used to ride ship from Manila to Bacolod for vacation. Despite having long hours of travel, my mom always chose it because it’s cheaper than riding airplane. Some memories are still vivid in my mind like it happened yesterday.

Waters of Montenegro

I remember this one time that I was wearing my favorite hat. It was pretty like one of the hats you’ll see in the Royal Wedding. I was by the railing of the ship and I looked down to see the waves. Little did I know that it will be the last time that I’ll see my beloved hat because it was taken away by the wind. All I had to say was… ah… and at the back of my mind? My mom’s gonna kill me! Although she did not literally, I still got an earful from her saying that I don’t take care of my stuff properly. I never even got a chance to take a picture of it, with it.

Another time was when I used to wear this gray jacket that my father gave me. We were in our room waiting for the announcement from the Captain to disembark the ship. I was on the bed and the said jacket was wrapped around my waist. When we were called to disembark, I suddenly stood up to get my back pack and without any hesitation, I was already by the door ready to go. When we were by the stairs waiting in line, that’s when I noticed that my jacket was already gone. God knows where I dropped it but I never got the chance to see that jacket again. Of course I got an earful from my mother again. Lol.

Enough with the sad memories. I also had a good one. We used to go to the Bridge to take a picture with the Captain. My mother always insisted on taking pictures with them. We had a Bridge Tour back then without paying anyone, and without the Guest Services knowing. Lol. Back then, it was nothing to me. A picture is a picture so I have to smile. Lol

I have a good reason why I am writing this one. Never in my life have I thought that I will be working in this line of industry. When I was in High School, I don’t really have a concrete plan or even a dream to what to get in College. All I wanted to do was to become rich. How? I also don’t know. Haha. So when my eldest cousin told me about being waiter in a Cruise Ship makes you rich because guests give you tips, I have decided to pursue a course with Cruise Line or Maritime. I had a school in mind that time and I swear that school is a decent one. They give you work and they said that you can start as an Officer right away. However, I was young at that time. I had to wait for one year before I can enter the college. What I had in mind was to study for a year and apply after. However, my mind did changed. You wanna know why? You probably do not care haha but I will say it anyway. I had to cut my hair military style. I have never tried cutting my hair that short and as I envisioned myself to do so, I did not liked it because I look like a boy. I was fat, and in that hairstyle? I’d probably get a girlfriend ’cause I swear even with long hair, people mistakenly thought that I’m a boy.

Anyway, to cut the long story short, I have graduated from college with the degree of Hospitality Management in Cruise Line Operations but majoring in Culinary Arts. Years after land-based experience in the Philippines, I was blessed to finally land a job in a Cruise Line Industry in 2017. It was actually a smooth sailing experience which I will tell in another story. Since then, I started working in a Cruise Ship until now.

Looking back, I really thought that it was nothing and everything that I’ve had experience onboard the ship when I was young was just part of my vacation. Now, I sympathize with all the guests and empathize with the crewmembers. It is amazing to realize that God was paving the way to us even when we were all young. Who knows what will happen to us in the near future, right?

Me now, 6++ years later after graduating from college

See you on my next blog!

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