Death is inevitable.

This year has really been a roller coaster ride of emotion for me.

I know everyone of us will die.

I thought I was prepared with all these things but I never thought that it’s this hard to accept.

It is this hard to process everything.

One day, you’re okay. Next time, you’ll find yourself crying because you miss someone.

People come, people go.


But it’s hard, and painful.


Should have beens.

These are the things that are going on my mind.

I should have taken more photos with them in selfies.


To look back, for memories.

I am not a clingy person myself but I want to at least look back.

Because right now, I feel guilty.

I feel selfish.

I thought that the world revolves around me.

I thought that I am the protagonist and that all the attention should be on me.

When in fact, I’m not.

I should have showed them more affection.

I am selfish.

It is inevitable.

Being selfish.

Because we are human.

It is inevitable.

Published by majoygalingana

i got that good girl faith and a tight little skirt

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