Was Cruising, Am Cruising

When I was little, we used to ride ship from Manila to Bacolod for vacation. Despite having long hours of travel, my mom always chose it because it’s cheaper than riding airplane. Some memories are still vivid in my mind like it happened yesterday. I remember this one time that I was wearing my favoriteContinue reading “Was Cruising, Am Cruising”

Memory Lane: How I got to know KDrama

Annyeong yeoreobun! This is Majoy. šŸ˜‡ I cannot believe it also ’cause it is already half of 2021! I was busy doing nothing and I know it’s been hard for all of us who has been affected by this pandemic. However, with such positive attitude, this too shall pass! For the months that have passed,Continue reading “Memory Lane: How I got to know KDrama”

100 Facts about me… like somebody care!

Hello! First of all, I would just like to clarify things. I was here in wordpress way back college but then I forgot everything when I started to work. Now that I am working and doing nothing in front of the computer, I kind of just googled around and decided to blog again. So here IContinue reading “100 Facts about me… like somebody care!”

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