Was Cruising, Am Cruising

When I was little, we used to ride ship from Manila to Bacolod for vacation. Despite having long hours of travel, my mom always chose it because it’s cheaper than riding airplane. Some memories are still vivid in my mind like it happened yesterday.

Waters of Montenegro

I remember this one time that I was wearing my favorite hat. It was pretty like one of the hats you’ll see in the Royal Wedding. I was by the railing of the ship and I looked down to see the waves. Little did I know that it will be the last time that I’ll see my beloved hat because it was taken away by the wind. All I had to say was… ah… and at the back of my mind? My mom’s gonna kill me! Although she did not literally, I still got an earful from her saying that I don’t take care of my stuff properly. I never even got a chance to take a picture of it, with it.

Another time was when I used to wear this gray jacket that my father gave me. We were in our room waiting for the announcement from the Captain to disembark the ship. I was on the bed and the said jacket was wrapped around my waist. When we were called to disembark, I suddenly stood up to get my back pack and without any hesitation, I was already by the door ready to go. When we were by the stairs waiting in line, that’s when I noticed that my jacket was already gone. God knows where I dropped it but I never got the chance to see that jacket again. Of course I got an earful from my mother again. Lol.

Enough with the sad memories. I also had a good one. We used to go to the Bridge to take a picture with the Captain. My mother always insisted on taking pictures with them. We had a Bridge Tour back then without paying anyone, and without the Guest Services knowing. Lol. Back then, it was nothing to me. A picture is a picture so I have to smile. Lol

I have a good reason why I am writing this one. Never in my life have I thought that I will be working in this line of industry. When I was in High School, I don’t really have a concrete plan or even a dream to what to get in College. All I wanted to do was to become rich. How? I also don’t know. Haha. So when my eldest cousin told me about being waiter in a Cruise Ship makes you rich because guests give you tips, I have decided to pursue a course with Cruise Line or Maritime. I had a school in mind that time and I swear that school is a decent one. They give you work and they said that you can start as an Officer right away. However, I was young at that time. I had to wait for one year before I can enter the college. What I had in mind was to study for a year and apply after. However, my mind did changed. You wanna know why? You probably do not care haha but I will say it anyway. I had to cut my hair military style. I have never tried cutting my hair that short and as I envisioned myself to do so, I did not liked it because I look like a boy. I was fat, and in that hairstyle? I’d probably get a girlfriend ’cause I swear even with long hair, people mistakenly thought that I’m a boy.

Anyway, to cut the long story short, I have graduated from college with the degree of Hospitality Management in Cruise Line Operations but majoring in Culinary Arts. Years after land-based experience in the Philippines, I was blessed to finally land a job in a Cruise Line Industry in 2017. It was actually a smooth sailing experience which I will tell in another story. Since then, I started working in a Cruise Ship until now.

Looking back, I really thought that it was nothing and everything that I’ve had experience onboard the ship when I was young was just part of my vacation. Now, I sympathize with all the guests and empathize with the crewmembers. It is amazing to realize that God was paving the way to us even when we were all young. Who knows what will happen to us in the near future, right?

Me now, 6++ years later after graduating from college

See you on my next blog!



Death is inevitable.

This year has really been a roller coaster ride of emotion for me.

I know everyone of us will die.

I thought I was prepared with all these things but I never thought that it’s this hard to accept.

It is this hard to process everything.

One day, you’re okay. Next time, you’ll find yourself crying because you miss someone.

People come, people go.


But it’s hard, and painful.


Should have beens.

These are the things that are going on my mind.

I should have taken more photos with them in selfies.


To look back, for memories.

I am not a clingy person myself but I want to at least look back.

Because right now, I feel guilty.

I feel selfish.

I thought that the world revolves around me.

I thought that I am the protagonist and that all the attention should be on me.

When in fact, I’m not.

I should have showed them more affection.

I am selfish.

It is inevitable.

Being selfish.

Because we are human.

It is inevitable.

Memory Lane: How I got to know KDrama

Annyeong yeoreobun! This is Majoy. šŸ˜‡


I cannot believe it also ’cause it is already half of 2021! I was busy doing nothing and I know it’s been hard for all of us who has been affected by this pandemic. However, with such positive attitude, this too shall pass!


For the months that have passed, I was thinking of things to do and guess what, I have watched some of the dramas and variety programs that has been on my pending list. I was not able to watch a complete series since 2017, well, because of work, and now that I don’t have one YET, I have started to watch once again. It actually came to my mind that one of the few CONSTANT THINGS IN MY LIFE IS THE LOVE OF KOREAN DRAMAS.


You have read it right! It is one of the constants in my life. Let me share you how it all started.

Since I was young, I really loved watching dramas. I loved it more than watching cartoons. Then came Meteor Garden in 2003 (they aired it here in the PH that year. It was originally aired in Taiwan way back 2001). It was still vivid as if it only happened yesterday! The first second lead that I have loved, and my first love in general at the age of 7 was Hua Ze Lei. It was crazy back then ’cause although they first aired it in summer, school starts after a month it was aired. Mom was so strict with me in regards to studying. I can still remember her fury that time when I spent 2.50PHP (believe me, it feels expensive that time) to activate Meteor Garden’s theme song as my mom’s phone’s callback ringtone and 15PHP will be deducted from the account to for continuous subscription. Hah! Good old times.


Okay, by now, you are probably saying that it’s not a Korean drama. That’s right chingu! It’s not. However, it was the gateway for me to love such dramas and many more.

Personally, I love tearjerker dramas so when Autumn in my Heart was aired on local TV, I instantly loved it! Johnny and Jenny!! Where I first saw my beautiful eonni, Song Hye Kyo ssi and of course our beloved oppas – Seung hoon oppa and Won bin oppa (I miss you Won Bin oppa! I hope you’re doing just fine with your wifeee and child). I can still remember scenes from it. It feels nostalgic and sad at the same time. I think it’s a good sadness because I can say that the story has an impact in me even after 17 years. Wow now I feel so old Haha!


Then came the infamous Winter Sonata! (Ji woo eonni and Byung hun oppa ā™„) Gahd, I love this drama so much! And the on-point OSTs (well I love all Endless Love series’ OSTs!) This drama was also the reason why Nami-do became more famous besides having beautiful scenery! They even have their statue there! Haha! Talk about fame!


So obviously I was still young that time and watching Korean dramas was not this accessible before, that I have to rely on our local stations to air best Kdramas available. The year 2005 came and I swear this was the year when all the top tier Kdramas aired here in the Philippines!

What I loved the most was Jewel in the Palace! I can still remember using my uniform skirt to act like Jang geum! Hahaha. (Hi Young Ae eonni) I loved this the most ’cause girl power! Let’s go Jang Geum! And of course who would not love the story of this drama? It doesn’t matter how many episodes this drama is, I will still re-watch it, given a time. And oh, my fury with Lady Choi and her niece Geum Young! But Captain Min ā™„ā™„ Hahaha my 9 year old heart! Spoiler alert: Even now, as I am typing this, I feel giddy that they both left the palace and lived together with their daughter. Meaning, Min chose Jang Geum huhuhuhuhuhuhu my heart.


But of course, let us not forget one of the most famous Kdrama of all time – Full House. A very light series and full of kilig moments. Philippines fell in love with Rain because of this drama! Even my young heart did haha! This was the time when Hye Kyo eonni’s hairstyle was pony-tailed sideways and everyone (well not really everyone but most of the ladies) was wearing it like hers! It was really a phenomenon. 2005 was really their year here in the Philippines.


Cholo & Jodi ā™„ Oh yes, Stairway to Heaven still in year 2005! This was the first time I met Kwon Sang Woo oppa and since then, I have been a fan. I love this series. Intense drama. Do you know why? Kim Tae Hee. Yes, because of her. The well-loved mother now because of her drama Hi Bye Mama was once hated by the people who watched this series. I can remember that time when I really want to go inside the screen of our TV just to end the life out of her character! Hahaha. I hated her character that time because she was too much of antagonist! However, kudos to her acting skills because she is an effective actress. Ah! And Ji Woo eonni was so good in acting as well! Love this drama so much! Trivia: I don’t know if you got the reference in Crash Landing on You, but yes, this was the drama that North Korean soldier was crazy about.


By the year 2006, I lie-lowed a bit because I’m about to graduate and my mom said we should prepare for High school. The only drama that I have watched that year was 1. My Girl and 2. Princess Hours (Goong). Two of the most beautiful plotted and admirable storyline that year here in the Philippines. I really loved Princess Hours (Prince Gian ā™„ā™„) and everything about it is so kilig . It will always be included if I will be asked of Top 5 Most Favorite Korean Drama of All Time. Don’t get me wrong, I also love My Girl and Jeju Island but I love Princess Hours more. Star studded Korean Dramas that all of the actors and actresses are still active in the industry.


Did you know: that Le Da Hee eonni and Lee Dong Wook starred in another drama 10 years after My Girl aired? It was a rare opportunity to star a love team in Korea to another drama and I am a lucky drama fan to witness that kind of opportunity. Imagine, I have waited for 10 years for that to happen? So do not give up on your ship. Who knows, maybe they can star another drama once again?


The next drama that I loved the most was aired here in the PH on 2007. Yes friends, remember our beloved triplets, Daehan, Minguk and Manse? Years before they were born, their Abeoji starred in a drama called Jumong. I think, we all had a huge crush on him before! I love the storyline and the love story with Lady So Seo No as well! Haha. I think I’m really into Historical Korean Dramas!


Looking back, Korean Dramas really give us a lot of choices when it comes to story line. They just don’t stick to one genre, but they explore and give their audience dramas to choose. I guess this is why I fell in love with Kdramas. (Well except for the fact that they have good looking actors and actress lol). This memory lane gives much nostalgia to me and it made me realize: I’m old and I wanna try to stay in SoKor even just for a year haha!

What about you? I wanna know how you fell in love with Kdramas too! šŸ˜Š

100 Facts about me… like somebody care!


First of all, I would just like to clarify things. I was here in wordpress way back college but then I forgot everything when I started to work. Now that I am working and doing nothing in front of the computer, I kind of just googled around and decided to blog again. So here I am… Introducing myself once again. This version is definitely not version 2 of myself for the lots of downs that I have had but it’s for the better anyway. Without further ado, Here’s the 100 simple/complicated facts about myself:

1. 100% Filipina but Chinese think I am Chinese. (Kinda doesn’t like it but what to do)

2. Korean Drama/Variety Show addict. I can watch shows all day long.

3. Currently 14 hours across the country. I’ve been doing this since ’17 and looking forward to many more.

4. I am a graduate of Culinary Arts but I don’t have a talent in cooking.

5. Trying hard dancer and singer. (Very much guilty!!)

6. Was 99% drama queen now it’s 98.99% hahahaha!

7. If sleep vs. eat, I would choose sleep.

8. I love rainy days.

9. Rainy road trips are my kind of road trip.

10. I don’t know how to drive and I don’t want to learn ever.

11. I have tried Go Kart racing and when asked if I know how to drive, I confidently said “YES… bump cars”

12. I have umbrella, but I don’t want to use them especially when raining! Too much hassle!

13. I am into chocolates with nuts. Shoutout to Kirkland chocolates only $12.99 in Costco ā™„

14. My dream is to travel around the world for free and getting paid at the same time. (Living the dream!)

15. I love the moon, trees, mountain and clouds.

16. I am very strict with people who throw garbage anywhere. I always make them pick it up. I don’t care if we will spend a day there. JUST. PICK. IT. UP.

17. I was once scared of the color red (blaming Shutter the Thai version not the US version) but I now love it, thus my favorite color is green. Kidding! It’s red.

18. I laugh at my own jokes. I think I am a funny person – very funny to be exact.

19. I have this very confident and arrogant feeling that I can be an actress if only i have the body and the face.

20. If given a chance to change my profession, I would like to be a writer or a film maker.

21. I really love reading. My dream is to have a library in my home.

22. I want to go to Disneyland again for two days. One for dressing up like a princess with photo shoot and two for riding those rides.

23. Ever since I was 7 years old, I badly want to go to Korea. If you would ask me what’s my wish every time? I always say trip to Korea!

24. My visa was ALWAYS denied that’s why I can’t go to Korea HAHAHAHA.

25. I have never had a legit boyfriend. (It’s not as sad as you think it is)

26. When I was in college, I was known as Joygina Wilson (from Georgina Wilson my girl crush model)

27. I love Rootbeer, Mountain Dew, Ginger Ale & Aranciata Rossa Orange Soda. The rest, I’ll pass. šŸ™‚ BUT if water vs. sodas? I’ll choose water!

28. I want to stay and live for a while in Europe.

29. I want to do Skydiving in Switzerland.

30. I want to try Bungee Jumping in Macau Tower.

31. I love writing. I compose essays and sometimes poems when I am in the mood of it. Sometimes, words just came rushing out of my head and I have the urge to write it down.

32. Even though I love writing, I have never finished one of those things that I have written.

33. I don’t like hot places.

34. Whenever I feel down, I will eat frozen/very cold foods.

35. I only have one username in all of my social media so that it won’t be hard for me to remember.

36. I used to have an issue with best friends before but now I can confidently say that I have 2 best friends that I will keep (with maximum effort!). Gezelle & O’neal ā™„

37. I used to hate my full name. For 22 years, I was trying to hide my first name to people.

38. I love Brooklyn nine-nine, Black-ish, Superstore, How I Met Your Mother, Stranger Things, The Bigbang Theory and Modern Family for US TV series

39. Ask me anything about Marvel Cinematic Universe, I will do my best to answer you right away! Big fan!!

40. Never watched Harry Potter, Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings.

41. I love Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson series!

42. Stephanie Perkins and Rainbow Rowell are 2 authors that are so close to my heart.

43. I really really love Running Man and Knowing Brothers.

44. Up until I was 21 y/o, I don’t know how to use make up. When I was in college, I used to slap my cheeks and bite my lips to have color. Then I saw these Korean ladies….

45. I don’t like my hair. It is too thick and I have weird bangs curls.

46. I rarely produce sweats (even though it’s too hot!) I don’t know if I should brag this. Hah!

47. My favorite Disney Princesses are Belle, Jasmin, Rapunzel, Ariel and yes, Elsa.

48. I was once addicted to High School Musical that I know not just their songs but also their dialog. (Poor DVD I used to repeat everything haha)

49. While all of my friends hate Sharpay Evans, I personally love her! FABULOUS! And I used to hate Gabriella because she was too… pa-victim ew. haha.

50. I am not that good in Math but not bad either but I gotta own this, I was BEST IN MATH in 4th year HS. SUCK IT O’NEAL! Hahahaha.

51. I have an adopted cat and her name is Yeppeo. She now has 2 sons named Oreo and Spidey. I love them so much and they know me even though I rarely go home. Then when I got home, my friend gave me 2 cats 1 is a pure black cat and the other was supposed to be another black but it’s mixed. I now have a total of 5 cats. Looking forward for more!

52. I am scared of wearing necklaces, watches and bracelets cause I am acidic šŸ˜¦

53. I don’t like bringing bag with me when going to the mall. Too hassle.

54. I can hold my pee for 6 hours. Okay, gross haha.

55. I am never a picky eater.

56. Top 5 favorite cuisines: KOREAN, CHINESE, FILIPINO, INDIAN & ITALIAN.

57. I suck at drawing.

58. I named my room C.R. “Cute Room” (and then my dad decided to erase it I think he didn’t believe me)

59. Milk Tea is life. ā™„

60. Low-key lactose intolerant. (I don’t care, I love milk tea, I love ice cream!)

61. I went to Taiwan on 2017 just to watch Coldplay concert.

62. First ever outside of the country travelling alone without the knowledge of my parents was in Taiwan 2017. Best 4 days of my life!!!

63. I easily get bruises.

64. I tend to cry very fast.

65. I love adventures!

66. Prayer is the key as to where I am now.

67. I am a very chatty person. I can talk for a day continuously. However, I give way if there is someone talking in the group.

68. I always give harsh and mean comments to only 1 person here on Earth.

69. I am into colored pens but I love brown the most when I am writing.

70. I am not a competitive person. I always give way. Scared. Hah

71. I like cute things. (SHARPAY EVANS!)

72. I have 2 favorite triplets:  1. Daehan, Minguk & Manse 2. Grizzly, Pan-pan & Ice Bear ā™„

73. Procrastinator

74. I love listening to music.

75. When we were in HS, we cut class to go to the nearest mall and to eat Chinese food. ROTC HAHAHAHA

76. I can easily fall asleep, wherever I am, whatever the weather is.

77. No matter how people tell me that I look confident in what I do, deep inside I feel so awkward.

78. I can say that I have a little bit long patience. I once waited for a friend for 4 hours from 5AM.

79. I am more of a night person. I can stay up until 5AM and sleep until 11AM.

80. I have tons of celebrity crush and 24 hours are not enough for me to tell you how many are they. (Not an exaggeration!)

81. When someone asks me “what is your favorite…” I cannot answer anything except my favorite color.

82. I don’t like insects/animals that crawl. Just by typing it, I am getting goosebumps.

83. I love the combination of French fries and ice cream!

84. I always sing in the shower and I have to sing louder to annoy my sister.

85. I don’t like wearing jeans because I feel suffocated and it feels hot wearing it.

86. When a song I like comes while having a conversation with someone, I will stop talking and will start singing.

87. I don’t like it when people touch my hair and my face.

88. I used to be sarcastic. I think I changed a lot when I started switching jobs.

89. The only sport that I like is sports car.

90. I am tall enough to be in the criteria of Flight Attendant in the Philippines.

91. I found Romeo and Juliet’s love story non-romantic and eye rolling moment.

92. I tried to finish this facts about me last year on October and I failed obviously ’cause I am just about to post it now, almost a year after. Thus number 32.

93. I am now trying to live healthily. Am now trying to be aware of my calorie intakes, less carbs, less sweets, and more water! Let’s all be healthy please because health is wealth!

94. Because of my job, I have been to one of the top 5 cities I wanna go to: NEW YORK! (YES I LOVE MY JOB)

95. Whenever I’m preparing like to go to work or just to go outside to do some errands, I have a playlist and it’s BLACKPINK (in your area). I just love dancing to their songs.

96. I’m so sorry but it’s so fun to make children cry. I love playing with them but I love making them cry more than making them laugh. I’m so mean huhuhahaha.

97. I love surprises!

98. 24 years of living and I’ve never received bouquet of flowers from someone. Not that I’m complaining because I’m not a fan of flower but I think it’s going to be special if I received one while I’m still alive.

99. I am an overthinker. I create scenarios in my head.

100. (FINALLY!) I have experienced the goodness and the grace of God the most in my life on March 03, 2019. The day I got to know that I am chosen and I am loved. ā™„

Finally I have finished this facts about me! It’s fun but tiring at the same time! I hope to write once again!

What about you, care to share? šŸ™‚

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